Fingerstyle Fundamentals


Learn how to add beautiful texture to your chords in this step by step course to Travis Picking




Tired of your rhythm being one dimentional?

Learning fingerstyle guitar is a great way to make your rhythm playing more interesting but it's not always easy when learning online.

People usually go straight into attempting their favourite song, which could be Dust in the wind by Kansas or Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez and proceed to book their guitar on a first class flight through the window.

It's difficult for a reason...


Foundation is key

I am a big believer that knowledge is built on foundations. If you don't have a good understanding of basic musical principles, it's hard to understand the more advanced stuff.

With fingerpicking, there is a process that I take my students through which builds on these foundations so that even the most beautifully textured sounds are possible.

The beginning of this process is the Fingerstyle Fundamentals Course.

Here's an example of how I vary texture in my songs using fingerpicking patterns taught in this course

Video Poster Image

What's included in the course?

  • 30+ Video lessons
  • 12 Song tutorials
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets
  • 5 Fingerpicking patterns
  • The history of Travis picking
  • Final assessment
  • Personal direction and advice

Risk Free

If you feel that this course isn't for you, I will make it right with my 14 day money back guarantee.

Your progress is my #1 priority.

Fingerstyle Fundamentals


One payment, lifetime access

  • Full Fingerstyle Course
  • Step by step guide to Travis Picking

Creative Fundamentals Bundle


Access 3 full courses for life

  • Fingerstyle Course
  • Improvisation Course
  • Creative Songwriting Course
  • One to one coaching session with Scott