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If you want a structured learning plan and friendly community to help you reach your goals, you've come to the right place.


Here, is the place.

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What is the Platform?

This is a valuable resource for any guitarist looking to improve. You can learn guitar at your own pace through one of the stand alone courses, or you can join our growing community of Buddies.

We have a whole feast if material here waiting for you to enjoy and take you further on your guitar learning journey.



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Who are the Buddies?

Anyone who signs up to become a member of this platform will be part of a friendly and supportive community of like-minded guitar buddies.

With access to weekly livestreams, group zoom sessions and a private community hub area where they can ask questions, find a practice pal and share their experiences.

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Meet the team

Scott Morgan is the Wizard behind the curtain of the Platform. Constructing courses, lessons, challenges and making sure everyone has the tools they need to progress on their unique journey.

But he couldn't do it without the rest of the team.


With a wealth of experience in the industry as a performer and session guitarist. Scott has a 100% student exam pass rate and has helped hundreds of people reach their goals as guitarists. Some of which are now starting their careers as professional musicians.

"My goal for every student is to get them to the point where they can teach themselves." 

This service has only been available for face to face lessons, until now.

Free guitar course for Beginners

Sign up for my 4 week starter course today. Don't forget to opt in for extra supplement learning material by email.

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"I'm really enjoying the course Scott. Thanks for putting together a body of work that is so structured and methodical. I feel like I'm obtaining foundational knowledge rather than just trying to copy and memorising chords. It's fabulous, thank you"



Beginner Guitar Course Plus+

An in depth course designed to take beginners through the first steps of their guitar journey. Now includes Barre Chord Builder mini course.

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Improvisation Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental skills needed to improvise in any key. You will explore various creative concepts, techniques and you will be provided with backing tracks to use in every key.

Fingerstyle Fundamentals

Learn how to add beautiful textures to you rhythm guitar. This course takes you through some popular picking patterns used in some of the most beautiful fingerstyle songs. The final result is Travis Picking.


Creative Song Writing

Learn how to express yourself and write music that you love. This course is designed with creativity in mind. Promoting thoughtful approaches to creating original song ideas. You will finish this course with an original song written by you.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your quarantine course. I am a key worker and I work with lots of different people with lots of different needs. I have been able to recommend this wonderful course to people who are looking for something to focus on and learn from and I know that it’s given them a real sense of achievement which is invaluable to them and me at any time but especially now."


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