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"I'm really enjoying the course Scott. Thanks for putting together a body of work that is so structured and methodical. I feel like I'm obtaining foundational knowledge rather than just trying to copy and memorising chords. It's fabulous, thank you"


The Instructor

Scott Morgan

Full time guitar teacher and performer for 12 years. Scott travels all over the UK and Europe performing at private events and weddings as a guitarist and singer.

He has performed as a solo artist, lead and rhythm guitarist, fronted various bands, recording sessions and theatrical productions.


Sharing his experience with his students and giving them a chance to play on stage, Scott has taught hundreds of people of all ages how to play the guitar. Some are now making their careers as professional musicians.

"My goal for every student is to get them to the point where they can teach themselves." 

This service has only been available for one to one lessons, until now.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your quarantine course. I am a key worker and I work with lots of different people with lots of different needs. I have been able to recommend this wonderful course to people who are looking for something to focus on and learn from and I know that it’s given them a real sense of achievement which is invaluable to them and me at any time but especially now."


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