Creative Song Writing

Six easy to follow steps to help you write your first song

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Express yourself through music

Too many song writing courses focus on all the wrong things.

As part of my research for this course, I experienced first hand how some of the biggest names in the industry sell the idea that:

  1. Your music should be 'current' and 'on-trend'.
  2. You should use the same chord formulas which are proven to sell.
  3. Your music should be about something which connects to the masses.

My response?...

I would rather listen to a lifeguard honk milk onto a dry carp through her nose than listen to another repackaged top 10 'hit'.

Which is why I teach people how to be creative and add their own splash of colour to what would otherwise be a slowly greying world.

6 Easy To Follow Steps To Creative Success

I believe everyone has the capacity to create something worth sharing. Even if you think your aren't creative enough, there are ways to get into the right headspace and look at song writing from lots of different perspectives.

Each step of the course has multiple lessons and challenges designed to give you a purpose to learn the material. My courses aren't about watching videos. you need to do the work to get results.

  1. Getting into the right mindset and finding your inspiration.
  2. How to structure your song for different affects.
  3. Choosing the right chords for your song. 
  4. Writing a melody.
  5. How to write meaningful lyrics and overcoming writer's block.
  6. Crafting the song, putting it all together.



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Creative Song Writing


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