Get access to your personal guitar teacher, directing you down the right path to achieve your goals.

Weekly challenges and an active community makes learning on this platform fun and engaging. 

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This is the central hub for developing the core skills of playing guitar:

Rhythm, Lead, Aural awareness and Theory.

There's also focussed lessons on specific subjects and advice on practical things like equipment and effects.

Community Forum

A place to get to know the other members, discuss your experiences and hear from other people at your level. Our community is always supportive and there are people there to help when you need some extra motivation. It all adds to your experience.

Song Database

Full tutorials of songs requested by members to give you a purpose to learn and use new skills.

Bob Marley , Eagles, Johnny Cash, Jason Mraz, Santana, Greenday, Beatles, REM, The Black Keys....

Focussed Areas

Separate modules focussing on developing your skill in specific areas such as:

Blues, Improvising, Fingerpicking...

With plans to create more courses in the future for looping, singing & playing, song writing, grades and more...

Try it out for free 

I want you to be completely satisfied before you commit to membership.

This is why I have included a 7 day free trial for you to experience everything in the members areas.

After 7 days you can book your one to one induction session with Scott to discuss your goals and how to achieve them.

Member Benefits


Access to an expert guitarist and teacher

You are my #1 priority and I want to be part of your journey. I am completely invested in the progress of my members and want to give you the best experience possible. This means giving you direction or advice whenever you need it. I read every comment and I use all feedback to make this platform better designed to get you to your goals.


Regular virtual meet ups

Get your questions answered directly in a group livestream exclusively for members. I will update you on any new material added to the Playground, welcome new members and catch up with everyone. We also have group zoom sessions to give you an opportunity to share what you've been working on and get some feedback.


Weekly challenges

Every week you will get pitched a challenge. It could be to work out the key of a song, spot the odd chord in a sequence or guess the interval. Post your answers and discuss with the other members in the community area.


One to one induction session

After your trial period, you will be able to book a one to one induction session to discuss your goals and I will give you some direction with how to achieve them. 

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