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Why is it so hard to learn guitar online?

If you are someone who has tried to learn guitar from a youtube tutorial, Facebook group or instagram story, you'll know that there are lots of ways to play any song, lots of contradicting opinions and lots of people trying to 'sell' the easiest shortcut to your goals.

This is a problem because without a clear path, you end up dipping into different sources aimlessly learning fragments of songs just because they are the easiest things to teach.

Ever seen something like this?

'50 great guitar riffs you can play with 1 finger...'
'On 1 string...'
'With 1 note!'

With no goal, there is no direction.

With no direction, there's no learning structure.

With no learning structure, you end up with gaps in your knowledge or ability which could be holding back your overall understanding of music.


I don't give short cuts to musical enlightenment, I teach people how to teach themselves.


Clear Direction

Piecing together random tutorials and bits of information here and there will almost certainly ensure gaps in your knowledge and make it difficult to grasp more advanced musical concepts.

I design my material to build from a strong foundation of core knowledge, giving you a clear goal.

Regular Support

If you have hit a sticking point, struggling with a particular song or just want some inspiration. I'm there with the answer.

Every week we meet up in the livestream to chat and I answer your questions live.

I love being here to help solve your problems, it's absolutely the highlight of my week.


Our private group is made up of like minded guitar learners of all ages, all walks of life and all ability levels, connected through the love of playing guitar and wanting to better ourselves.

Being part of an active, friendly community can change your whole perspective of learning guitar.

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A library of additional learning material to keep your practice sessions challenging and fun.

Value £249

Supportive Community

Friendly, supportive guitar learners sharing experiences and learning together.

Value £350

Weekly Livestreams

Clear Learning Path

Buddy- Up Program

Monthly Group Lesson

That's a total value of £1,548 for just £12.25 a month

That's less than a take away dinner.

Or £3.06 a week!

That's the price of a coffee

Price based on yearly membership rate

Guitar lessons with a good teacher will cost £15+ per half hour - £60 per month

Face to face lessons

  • Personal direction
  • Goal setting
  • Constructive feedback
  • Structured learning path
  • Access to a professional
  • No community
  • Learn in a windowless cave with a smelly pale guy who used to have long hair.

£720 per year

The Platform Membership

  • Personal direction
  • Goal setting
  • Constructive feedback
  • Structured learning path
  • Access to a professional
  • Supportive community
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home/cave... Possibly with a smelly pale guy who used to have long hair.

    £147 per year

Monthly Membership


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  • Access to the private community
  • Weekly livestreams
  • Monthly group lesson
  • Regular challenges
  • Constant support
  • Playground
  • The Vault

Yearly Membership


2 months free

  • All monthly benefits
  • A one to one coaching session